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Namaste Dear Oneness Community!

Now the exciting Online Classes with Sri Bhagavan have started!

We were many from the Nordic countries who participated and so many have shared their great joy and gratitude – it really is a ”bulldozer” in growing rapidly towards Enlightenment! Everyone is welcome to jump on this train – wherever you are in your Journey!

You can join by being a member in the Golden Age Movement where there are a lot of benefits to take part of. (See further down the text) You will be able to participate in these timeless and transforming classes and experience Sri Bhagavan’s presence and wisdom followed by deep processes every month! It’s like going to India every month – but now India comes to us!

In these classes, a special process is given initiated by Sri Bhagavan for Enlightenment along with Sacred Ancient Rituals along with our photo and name placed in a Sacred Golden Pot in Satyaloka and special prayers and sacred chants are made each month for our Enlightenment.

The classes are given in English. Simultaneous translation is offered for a small cost.

To access 74 K Deeksha Yagna, you need to become a member of the Golden Age Movement and an annual subscription is paid.

Note that the subscription year extends from June 2021 to May 2022, no matter what date you go with. Your subscription will not be reduced proportionally if you go with after June.

Benefits of 74,000 Deeksha Yagna Class with Sri Bhagavan

  • You become a registered member of the 74,000.

  • Your name and photo are kept in a Golden Sacred Pot in Satyaloka and special prayers and blessings are made once a month.

  • You can participate in a profound process that will quickly bring you towards Enlightenment.

  • You will get a powerful Deeksha.

  • We get to learn and take classes directly from Sri Bhagavan in Darshan with questions and answers each month.

  • We get triple blessings of health, prosperity and relationships, ”iham” as well as ”param”, worldly needs as well as spiritual needs.

  • A special prayer and pooja (ceremony) are made for all registered ones performed at Satyaloka campus.

  • When you come to India, you have the opportunity to visit the Holy Campus Nemam and Satyaloka during certain times.

  • You can see in live broadcasts a ritual is performed before the online classes with Sri Bhagavan.


Click on the link below and fill in all the information requested.

Price for membership until May 2022.

You choose what currency to pay.

625 USD

520 EURO

Experience shared from an Enlightened

”The blissful silence within is still there. The brain would throw a few tantrums, and thoughts do pop us here and there.  But inside there is no feedback or suffering. Sri Paramjyothi AmmaBhagavan has done magical surgeries that cleared out all the old “song tracks” in the “jukebox” (a coin operated music playing machine, that will play a song within its collection once you choose and pay). Those old wounds and hurts just can’t take me for a ride anymore!  There is NO ONE in there!
What remains is the vast space and deep peace. I also feel much, much relaxed about people, things and myself.  I close my eyes on the beach, instantly I become the ocean. Children’s laughter makes me laugh.  Tears come when I hear miracle of the day. I feel a natural connection to people and nature – more than ever before. I genuinely care and will take the necessary actions, but then I leave it to Divine Grace, not expecting any outcome according to my wish.
All the pranayama sadhanas are super effective and easy to follow now. There is true respect and appreciation towards the body, also a form of detachment is happening. For example I used to constantly try to control how my eyes work, testing if they could see everything perfectly, putting them in stress all the time.  Now I am relaxed about it all.  They are what they are.  I am no longer worried about seeing everything perfectly. I simply see.
Life has become heavenly. My days start with seeing my supreme friends Sri Paramjyothi AmmaBhagavan in the morning, and end by inviting them to my dreams. The Ocean of Grace is taking care of everything now.  Whatever comes my way, I know it’s all going to be ok.  Life is no longer about competing, getting attention, approval or significance.  It is about being & enjoying. It is about sharing. Sharing this profound, precious peace and ease that was only made possible by The Great Compassionate Light Sri AmmaBagavan.
I pray with all my heart that we find 74000 enlightened people to help bring peace to the world, so everyone can experience heaven on earth.
Forever at the Lotus Feet”.

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Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

GAM Team Nordic